Less Energy

LED Bulbs are up to 90% energy saving compared to incandescent bulbs.


Housing technology that cools off the bulb, so you can safely touch it.


The LED Bulbs live up to ten times longer than incandescent light bulbs.


LED Bulbs are the most eco-friendly product on the market.

What we Provide

We Provide a wide range home appliances and security system around the globe Our Products are known for their quality, Finishing, Durability and reliability with International Standard. Whatever your requirement, we are able to offer complete solutions to your needs And Requirements, since we design & manufacture, all the items. Our technical team possess the great experience in this . We are happy to serve you our product as well as the service

Home Appliances

we have quality product for shining your home and that makes your life easier. We mainly deals in all kind of Led-Lights, Led-Tv, Ceiling fan, Table fan, Water Purifier-RO, and many more home appliances

Security and Surveillance system

CCTV cameras are most popular security systems which can be used in a various field. Install it at home,office,shops or enterprize, this security system provide surveillance footage in the form of videos or static images. CCTV system works as your security guards keeping an eye on everything & everywhere.


After purchse of some product it comes to installation part. Don't worry we do provide free installation for any of our product which really needs a installation assistance

Service & Maintenace

Service is a key opportunity for us to support you in better way. The service intervals recommended by the manufacturer will allow you to optimise the life and performance of your Appliances. we do provide free service for some products under some Terms and conditions

Innovative, High Quality LED Lights

Your leading Indian lighting provider for professional, commercial and home applications.


OMITRON Products Services And Support

Get your questions answered about product setup, use and care, repair and maintenance issues. We can help

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